My name is Dr. Donald Hecht, but please call me “Doc.” I am here to discuss various aspects of education such as transfer credits, online degrees and more! If you have any questions or requests on topics, I welcome your suggestions. Read below to learn more about me and why I started my journey as Founder of California Southern University (CalSouthern).

Based upon my years of experience as a professor and dean, I resolved that higher education should be more accessible to adult students, regardless of age or location. I envisioned an online university that put its students first, brought the learning opportunities to the student by eliminating travel and rigid classroom sessions, encouraged and promoted each student’s individual learning needs and goals, was affordable with very little or no burdensome debt, and provided a practical education that prepared each student for the career to which s/he aspired.  

I created California Southern University just over 40 years ago out of my own frustration with higher education. I was a married father of four sons, working full-time as a teacher, with a mortgage and a 60 minute commute to and from my doctoral classes in my beat-up old car. The best (and most) I could do was take one course each semester due to family needs, tuition expense, and time constraints. The process was made woefully more difficult by deans, professors, and academic advisors who were not interested in my needs as an adult student. It took me ten years to finish my doctorate, and at the age of forty-three I stood at the graduation ceremony at Columbia University and was pronounced “Dr. Hecht.” 

University Founder & President Emeritus

About Dr. Donald “Doc” Hecht — Doc is an Educator, University Founder, and President Emeritus writing and discussing the trends and challenges facing higher, online, and distance education, among other topics. Please feel free to comment, make suggestions, or ask any questions! You can follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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