Amidst a pandemic, degree completion is crucial

With COVID-19 upon us, every segment of our population is feeling the consequences of staying home for extended periods of time. Two and four-year colleges have closed campuses, cut classes, shortened terms and in some cases even switched to pass/fail grading systems.  It appears that until the pandemic has run its course, colleges may be forced to stay closed or, at best, to curtail their course offerings and limit campus access.

The consequences for students are significant. With so much disruption to their educational experience along with stress and grief from the pandemic, students have struggled to adjust to remote learning. Especially in cases where institutions have struggled to transition online quickly, learning has become increasingly difficult. Without adequate support and availability of key courses, graduations could be delayed and become nearly impossible to achieve in a timely manner. 34% of students have changed or canceled their education plans due to the pandemic. For most, educational progress is stunted; for some, it has halted entirely.

Fortunately, online courses offer a pathway to both associate and bachelor’s degree completions without delay. However, there is a major problem: most colleges do not accept more than a token number of courses and credits in transfer from other colleges. For those looking to complete an associate’s or bachelor’s degree, most earned credits at one school will not be accepted at another. Before choosing which institution to transfer to, be sure to review transfer policies at each school and speak to someone who can answer questions about your situation. Without certainty in this area, students may be burdened with having to take more courses, spend more time in school, and spend more money on tuition. Once you’re in, it’s probably too late to change.

California Southern University, a 42-year-old 100% online and accredited institution offering the Associate of Arts and various bachelor’s degrees has an open-door transfer policy. During the COVID-19 crisis, CalSouthern will accept all your community college courses and credits (earned with a minimum of 2.0 GPA) toward your choice of an AA degree or a bachelor’s degree.

Your education does not have to be put on hold. Consider your options and check out this transfer opportunity at California Southern University online. Good luck and stay healthy.

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