Dear Everyone in this remarkable World,

Our beloved nation, the United States of America, is ablaze from a tenacious virus attacking our bodies and killing our citizens, and by racial injustice ravaging our minds, sucking our spirit and turning one against another.  The entire nation is shuddering under the corrosive realities of discrimination; discrimination based on race, color, gender, national origin, political affiliation, religion, age, marital status, and on and on.

As an online educational institution, a University of learning, our job is to ensure that everyone who wants a college education has the same opportunity to enter, attend, learn at, and graduate regardless of what or who they are.  As an online university, we don’t see color or gender, we don’t recognize national boarders or fences, we don’t ask you your beliefs, or politics, or age (beyond 18 years), or anything else that can be used to separate one group from another.  We humans are one species; all related; all entitled to equal access to an education. 

We don’t care if you have three eyes, are 11 feet tall, have Klingon ancestry, and like pistachio ice cream.  If you can write/read at a college level in American/English, have the tenacity to work for the educational outcomes, believe in your ability to succeed, embrace online active self-learning, have the grit of a winner, then we welcome you to our online community of students, graduates, faculty and staff.   Remember, everyone has equal opportunity online; and CalSouthern is the online leader with 42 years of experience in distance learning.

Hope to meet you online.

Regards, and stay healthy,

Dr. Don Hecht, Founder
California Southern University

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